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Prophecy Consultants Ltd. is committed to the goal of creating their projects with high end finish in terms of project quality and has sensual approach to the design process, construction methodology and project management to consistently achieve customer satisfaction.



TEAMWORK, INTEGRITY, and EXCELLENCE guide the selection of our clients, the relationships with our business partners, the recruitment of our team members, and the delivery of our services.



Prophecy Consultants Ltd. is underpinned by the following principles:

CREATE value for our clients, our business partners, and our company. 
COLLABORATE and help each other succeed. 
RECRUIT talented people who share our core values.       
RECOGNIZE high-impact performance.   
EMBRACE change.  
INNOVATE & SHARE knowledge.
COMMUNICATE with clarity and respect.
BEHAVE and care as if it's your company.


Budget Driven Responsive Design:

Prophecy Consultants Ltd. services a very good client base who looking for cutting-edge design and quality of service. Our project resume includes dynamic design with high end finish and quality, a master piece a prophecy. Recognizing the paramount constraints of schedule and budget, Prophecy Consultants Ltd. delivers design solutions that are memorable yet responsive to real world project constraints. Since 2007, , Prophecy Consultants Ltd. has been a trusted name in the delivery of unparalleled, quality service to the Design and Build industry and we bring this same commitment to each and every one of the projects of Prophecy Consultants Ltd.


Flexible Approach for Tailored Solutions:

At Prophecy Consultants Ltd. we create unique properties and understand not all clients or projects have the same needs. Prophecy Consultants Ltd. crafts a tailored approach from our menu of complimentary services enabling us to be your single source hospitality solution. We can provide our clients integrated comprehensive services or an a la cart menu of disciplines including architecture, interior design and FF&E procurement. This gives our clients the opportunity to eliminate many of the coordination problems inherent in a multi-firm approach and take advantage of the seamless execution and efficiency that can result from having fewer links in the information chain.


Health and Safety: 

Prophecy Consultants Ltd. attaches great importance to the Health and Safety of its employees, workers and all other persons who are affected by it activities. Furthermore, we believe that a successful health and safety culture is dependent upon effective collaboration between the company and its clients. Therefore Prophecy Consultants Ltd. has established a climate in which the positive aspects of safety are encouraged and developed.


Social Responsibility: 

Prophecy Consultants Ltd. believes it is better to be proactive towards a problem rather than reactive to a problem. Social responsibility means eliminating corrupt, irresponsible or unethical behaviour that might bring harm to the community, its people, or the environment before it has the opportunity to happen.