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PROJECT: Simplex Flat Interior Design
LOCATION: Mohammadpur, Dhaka
AREA: 1250sft.
COMPLETION: December 2011
SCOPE of WORK: Interior Design & Build

It was to make a dead living alive. A newly bought old flat was modified into a new custom made, tailored to fit all the excitements of life and set fashion to your lifestyle and living. A good build Flat inside was broken down to ground zero and then build with new architectural layout plan, electrical, mechanical and plumbing solutions, then the spaces were decorated to put the charm in spaces.

A custom designed front door with a decorative wall aside and a decorative ceiling with dramatic light made the impression of the flat from the entrance. Top hinged slide wooden front door replaced the traditional swing wooden door to save functional space in the dining area. Room partition between living and dining room was removed to make the central breathing space bigger and wider by rebuilding the side walls also. Made the doors with indirect view from the living space.

Made the kitchen bigger in linear dynamic solution to provide stove over suction hood and sink at the counter top and a working counter in between them. Kitchen entry wall was cut open and placed an open counter by the side of the door to perform easy take away of food to the dining. Made storage cabinets beneath and over of the kitchen counters and replaced the small storage area before servant's toilet made space for washing machine and press with a cabinet for the accessories related.

The two toilets was put aside and modified into an efficient size to perform one as a common toilet and another as attached toilet for the master bed room, even placed the water closet, Wash basin and shower in a new arrangement with new plumbing solutions. An artistic hand wash was placed outside in front of the common toilet. All the room walls were modified to put cabinets in them and made the room size bigger.

Setting a wooden stage at the end of living dining space added an extra advantage to perform the area as a hall. Recessed wall hang cabinets were set at the entry side wall of dining, rest all the walls covered with stony rustic tiles which caged the area like a cave in the stone with wooden furnitures, wall and ceiling decorations set the space like breathing in nature.

Room walls were decorated in combination of wall papers and easy clean paint. Rooms are well ventilated both naturally and mechanically including the central living dining space. Lighting was designed to set three lighting conditions, white, warm and incandescent light condition in the house.

All the feature products of this flat fabrication are done with A' grade materials and accessories of the market. Sofa set, Dining set, Beds were bought to match with the project.