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PROJECT: Simplex Flat Interior Design
LOCATION: Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka
AREA: 1450sft.
COMPLETION: October 2012
SCOPE of WORK: Interior Design & Build

A new built ready to move in flat was broken down to ground zero and built again to give birth a new born flat, interior designed with new architectural, electrical, plumbing & sanitation, tile, furniture layout and customized fixture, fittings and appliances and with modern security system. Previous architectural layout was lacking in spatial analyses, lighting & ventilation, electromechanical condition and the flat was lacking in features and fashion of living.

The barren entry lobby was made a more of an inside out expression of the flat. You get a glimpse of the inside story once you step into the entry lobby of the flat. The partition wall between the stair and the living room of the flat was punched and made pockets on the wall on both the sides on two different levels. The bottom one exposed to the entry lobby which accommodated some plants under led light with rustic tiles back on the wall and the top pocket was made in the living room to accommodate display shelves for show pieces. The main door is designed with burma teak wood and hand polished, secured with access control door lock and video calling system. An upper and a lower cabinet for shoe's are placed on the side of the main door. The wall's are decorated with hand polished wooden bits and a ceiling is designed to accommodate special lighting which made the entrance more welcoming and dramatic.