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PROJECT: Roof Top Landscape Design
LOCATION: Kurchap, Chandina, Comilla
AREA: 950sft.+200sft.=1150sft.
SCOPE of WORK: Design & Build

The concept of the project was to make the two individual roofs combine three dimensionally and also serve individual purposes and turn the mute come to a play on the barren roof's.

The first roof is about 200sft. between the stairwell and the rooftop multi purpose hall room, which captured the moment to stage a small gathering surrounded by a peripheral green bed and a white marble square base may occupy a group of seating / a base of a barbecue stand / stage for a D.J. The overhead S.S frames provide the canopy to stage a program.

The other roof is about 950sft. where the centre of the roof is staged with a marble sitting with corner post and two axial S.S frames overhead and also with multi Layer Tempered Glass shedding at the top. At the end of the Roof there staged one open marble sitting area with only an axial S.S frame overhead. On both the sides of the long roof there are green bed provided to serene the active roof with green plants. Lighting Designed to perform in the dark.