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PROJECT: Simplex Flat Interior Design
LOCATION: Bashundhara [RA], Baridhara, Dhaka
AREA: 2000sft.
COMPLETION: December 2012
SCOPE of WORK: Interior Design & Build

The empty space with white floor, ceiling and walls made the space a mono typical one. It was to break to the space more playful, colourful to cheer up your living moments always. Floor and roof were made reflective to make the space more illusive three dimensionally and the walls were made colourful

Entrance lobby were made more inviting by putting a large mirror and a shoe cupboard. Ceiling was highlighted. The developer given main door and every other door were refurbished to a new look. A screen covering the view of the living room inside from the entrance. And a ceiling mounted folding partition were made between the living and dining space as the option while need to separate the space.

The first living sitting was low front floor is covered with designed wooden texture tile mixture with plain white tile in combination. Walls were decorated with light brown printed wall papers and wooden thin shelves were made on the to accommodate features. Then the large living with lavish silk sofa set with front wall decorated with accommodation of TV, Sound system, desk, over cabinet with lights and the reflective ceiling of the colourful wooden textured floor design combined ambient condition to serene your environment in your living. Walls are similar to the small living as to appear the space bigger accordingly. Curtains are also white with wavy colourful stripes.

Dining table was set at the centre on a wooden colourful pattern among the white base colour tile and the similar patterned reflective wooden ceiling providing top lighting and cooling fan. A large wooden box cabinet of three layers with large counter top were set inside a wall and the other wall consisting a large Australian tribal oil painting was set on the wall based with coffee brown light tone wall paper with print and light with spot light from the top and to hold mare antique souvenirs two holding arms are provided as tray to hold them. The fridge is also placed inside a cabinet and all the drop beams are false covered to give the space less edge line.

The family living was set on the end of the dining room and adjacent to the Master bedroom and child bed room. A three seater sofa set was made and a desk to put TV on the top of it, lower and upper cabinets were made to accommodate books and DVD's, shelves were made on the opposite wall in combination with coffee brown printed wall paper. A dining Hand wash was created with a minimalist cabinet basin with big mirror front and the surrounding walls covered with printed wall papers in front of the common toilet. The room doors, toilet doors and kitchen door were developer given flash door who were refurbished to a new look that matches every door of the house to soothe the environment.

Bed rooms were treated with more functionality based on individual needs. In the master bedroom bed and large cabinets with mirror faced were placed face to face on the inner half of the room inside where the big mirrors front to the bed gives you the pleasure to discover your charms and made the space look much bigger. The head side wall of the bed were decorated with small relief squares to make the mood cheerful. The first half of the room were poised with a large work station with lower cabinet which accommodated TV, computer, printer, sound system and a upper cabinet to provide modest storage and display shelves. Opposite to that a three seater was designed with two seating on both the end with a lying seat between them to enjoy private moment.

A long mirrored dressing with light was provided on the side wall of the attached toilet. One ceiling was made above the bed area with lighting to facilitate night reading on bed and the other ceiling was made on the front area ceiling of the Master bedroom with special light to set the drama in the room environment. Child Bed and the Guest bed room are poised with similar fashioned bed and cabinets only the guest room was provided with a large desk, lower cabinet and shelves on the walls.

Kitchen were given with maximum number of storage cabinets and a fridge was also put inside a cabinet. Kitchen hood was set on top of the gas stove for suction and the top of all the lower cabinets were put free as working tops.