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PROJECT: Simplex Flat Interior Design
LOCATION: Lalmatia, Dhaka
AREA: 1850sft.
COMPLETION: December 2011
SCOPE of WORK: Interior Design & Build

This simplistic flat interior design complied with less is more concept and the ideal reflection begun with the approach to the front door. The barren walls and ceiling were made responsive and well coming. A mirror placed just before the front door to check your appearance before entering. Two genetic tribal mask were placed in a frame on the walls and the lights in the space were put to make the entrance dramatic.

The architectural layout was modified before the civil construction begun. A Foyer was added to the inside entrance of the flat with a pocket inside to accommodate a cupboard for shoes and a big mirror with lights. Entrance allowed you to get in to Foyer of the flat and leads you to the living dining and family living space. The Play of wooden lines and linear frames from the entrance lobby to the foyer and then to everywhere in the flat was driven to make harmony and rhythm with the guiding dramatic lights.

Walls were decorated with wooden polished panels, wall papers / luxury silk paints and nice silk curtains. Paintings and book shelf on the walls and a television / media stand in the living and family living space respectively. Ceiling covered with light weight ceiling design. Modified and refurbished the dining chairs and the family living sofa body and the fabric covering to match up the style of Interior Design.

Dinner wagon was made inside the recess on the dining wall with glass shelves, mirror and lights. Two other recess on the walls of living room were made display cupboards made with glass shelves, mirror and lights to display show pieces. Two oil painting were done by the designer and put on the walls of living room.

Three layers of cabinet built to accommodate good storage facility. A working counter top cabinet to perform cutting and arranging the food for the meal. The middle layer of cabinet transparent face made the products visible for random use. Working counter top lit with working lights.

Rooms are provided with built in cabinets on the walls and the walls were also decorated with wooden wall panels and wall papers surrounding the bed area. Silk curtains were put to make the space feel more lusty. In the master bed room a walk in closet room was set with all mirrored cabinet panels, a library on the wall and a dressing corner in front of the attached toilet.